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Park of Tercentenary
In the middle of the summer the biggest Russian social network “VK” (V Kontakte, Facebook analog) for the third time organizes one of the greatest festivals. It is promised to be the most entertaining event of the year! Bloggers, speakers, musicians and more than 100000 visitors will come to the coast of Finland gulf to spend a wonderful weekend together.  
The park of tercentenary will be divided into 20 theme zones:
Three scenes will be set (blue, white, record), where you can see more than 40 most popular Russian artists, bloggers and speakers.
This year visitors will see stars of YouTube and Instagram, will have a chance to take a photo with them and get an autograph.
This section will demonstrate how the world will look like tomorrow: new gadgets, inventions and experiments.
Visitors are welcome to play football, basketball, volleyball, croquet, practice yoga and or listen to lectures about healthy lifestyle
Some other sections: games, fashion and beauty, food, kids, charity, kosplay, art, humour, computer games. There also will be a lot of master-classes, computer tournaments, kosplay competition and many more!  
12.00 15 July – 22.00 16 July
Tickets prices:
One day entrance: 1200 rubles
One day entrance for kids: 600 rubles
One day “Vezdehod” ticket (all admission): 3500 rubles
Two days entrance: 2100 rubles
Two days entrance for kids: 900 rubles
Two days “Vezdehod” ticket (all admission): 6000 rubles

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