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The Scarlet Sails celebration

The Scarlet Sales celebration is one of the biggest festivals in St Petersburg, inspired by Alexander Grin’s magical story. This festival is dedicated to graduates who finished their schools that year and aimed to inspire young people to see the bright opportunities of the future coming. The stated slogan is the same every year: Russia – county of opportunity.
The first time the graduate’s day was celebrated in St Petersburg in 1969. From the very beginning brig with scarlet sales was the symbol of the day, it represents hope and faith.
The city doesn’t sleep that night. You can feel the atmosphere all around. Freedom, enthusiasm, unity – all that is reflected not only in the graduates’ eyes, but in the eyes of every citizen - it is indeed one of the most favorite celebrations for everyone.
Two stages are set on the Palace Square and on Vasilievskiy island. The show includes a series of large-scale events. Both Russian and world famous artists come here to greet future students: the Cirque du Soleil, Mariinsky Ballet, Antonio Banderas and many others. They entertain the young crowd during the lightest night of the year with music, theater and circus performances. The brightest water show takes place there the same night.
But the main part comes later – beautiful brig “Tre Krunur” one of the largest of its kind in the world, slowly floats down Neva river, spectacular  fireworks extravaganza takes place with full synchronization with the music by the most famous Russian composers performed by symphony orchestra.
The upcoming “Scarlet sails” festival is held on the night of 23-24 June, 2017.  Please note that the entrance to the Palace Square is available only for graduates by invitation cards. But the second stage on Vasilievskiy Island is open for the citizens and tourists. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the most spectacular show in St Petersburg!

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