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Russian largest property exhibition which attracts over 400 exhibitors and some about 30 000 visitors aimed at property acquisition.

It is carried out in St.-Petersburg since 2000. Frequency: twice a year, fall and spring. These seasons reveal the increase in demand for property offers. Actual deals and contracts are arranged here. Companies tend to carry out presentations of the brand-new residential complexes and districts.

It is already 13 years that Real Estate Fair is carried out in St.-Petersburg.

Exhibition’s VISITORS. Mostly they are middle and upper middle class. Some 78-92% attend Real Estate Fair with an aim to buy property (according to visitors’ survey made by independent marketing research company Infowave).

Being a well-known brand, today Real Estate Fair incorporates three independent expo-projects :

Urban Real Estate Fair,
Foreign Real Estate Showroom,
Urban Alternative. Cottages and Country house building.

Total exposition area is 11 000 sq.m.

URBAN REAL ESTATE FAIR is on the basis of the Exhibition. It is demanded for already 13 years by city residents and regional visitors. Among participants: construction and development companies, real estate agencies, banks and insurance companies. Over 140 exhibitors.

URBAN ALTERNATIVE – is a flagship exhibition within Real Estate Fair. It is dedicated to the suburban real estate, construction and arrangement of living in the country. Over 160 exhibitors.

FOREIGN REAL ESTATE SHOWROOM. The oldest international real estate exhibition in St. Petersburg. Participating companies are offering services for the sale and lease of real estate abroad. There are exhibitors that provide professional advice on how to buy properly, lease and manage real estate as well. Top destinations: Finland, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Czech Republic and Estonia. Over 50 participating companies.

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