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International Documentary, Short Feature and Animated Film Festival «Message to Man»

«Послание к человеку» — это один из самых авторитетных кинофестивалей России и Европы. Каждый год он знакомит публику с новыми документальными и игровыми лентами, устраивает встречи с режиссёрами мирового уровня, дискуссионные клубы и творческие мастер-классы. С нетерпением ждём сентября

The festival has received accreditation from the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF), France.
Since 2010 Alexey Uchitel, director of documentary and feature films, People’s Artist of Russia, is the President of the Festival.

It is held annually in St. Petersburg since 1989. The opening ceremony of the Festival takes place in the Palace Square. Each year, up to 40.000 spectators attend the festival.
The name of the festival is a reference to the universal humanist values promoted in the Bible.
In accordance with regulations it has:
  -  The International Competition (full-length and short documentary films,  short fiction and animated  films)
  -  The National Competition of Documentary Films
  -  International Competition of Experimental Films In Silico
  -  Special programs

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