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Ecology of Big City. 2017

International forum of technology and equipment in the sphere of environmental protection and ecological safety.

The Ecology of Big City International Forum is aimed at representatives of nature conservation authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and cities (municipal formations), suppliers and manufacturers of equipment and services, used in solving nature conservation tasks in the urban territory.

The Forum is supported by the Government of St. Petersburg, the Government of Leningrad Region, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, industrial associations, specialised and business media.

The Ecology of Big City International Forum includes a business program, an exhibition program and business tours to nature conservation facilities of St. Petersburg.

The Forum is one of few congress and exhibition events, where participants will be given a rare chance to meet target users and find as many business contacts as possible.

The organisers are confident that the Ecology of Big City Forum will promote ideas and decisions in the field of environmental protection, demonstration of innovative nature conservation equipment and technologies for provision of maximum environmental safety in constituent entities and cities of the Russian Federation.

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